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#221304 - As me and Claire came down stairs after showing her the house all three girls were in the kitchen putting away the shopping Nicky turned and said so matt what we havin for dinner am staring mom wouldn't let us eat anything after lunch I replied ask Amy she's the cook in this family to which Amy said Beef and mushroom stroganoff with fried rice. Then she kissed me not like a goodnight kiss but a proper long slow kiss as any horny guy would have dun I kissed her back hoping that a kiss wasn't all I was getting tonight but to my dismay Claire broke the kiss smiled and walked away. After a few minutes of this I could feel that all to familiar feeling in my sack I'm going to come I said gasping as Amy picked up the pace ramming my cock into her mouth I couldn't take it any more I moaned and my body started to shake as streams of my hot creamy cum flowed into her mouth Amy milking and swallowing every last drop out of my cock after I minut

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