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#231574 - (CONTINUED FROM BREAKING SARAH WITH MY FRIENDS HELP) Rowan had gone to the supermarket to buy the alcohol and John had headed downstairs to phone up some friends as potential clients, There was just Sarah and me in the room, I untied her from the head-rail of my bed, her wrists had markings from her being tied up with her own panties, she began rubbing her wrists with her hands to ease the soreness, I started to stroke the top of her head, letting my fingers run through her hair, slowly and gently, I could tell she hated it, she trembled with fear and looked nauseous with each gentle stroke, I felt the sweat on her heated brow, running my fingers along her cheeks and under her jaw, feeling the soft skin on her neck, with my thumb I began to rub her full lips, “so soft” I said, and I pushed my thumb in her mouth and told her to suck, feeling her lips wrap around my thumb, wet and moist I felt her tongue roll around as it reluctantly made room for it in her mouth, I noticed a tear run

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