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#216108 - I had a wash and slipped into bed, I was starting to doze when Jean slipped in beside me and snuggled her firm little ass into my crotch, I reached my arms round her and cuddled her too me and was almost asleep when I felt her playing with me I didn’t react, when it was nearly hard I felt her move it to her asshole and I suddenly realized that her asshole was open like the boys, it hadn’t closed after the dog. I threw her on to it and grabbed her cock and shoved it into my mouth, it tasted clean and sweet and I started to suck on her whilst one of my hands went to her cunt the other I reached under her and as she raised her hips for me, inserted a finger in her arse, my finger sank into her with no trouble. She quickly wiped herself, doing all in her power to retain her modesty and pulled the chain, I let her wash her hands at the sink and guided her over to the table and sat her down on a chair and placed a meal in front of her which I had prepared.

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