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#172073 - She screams as they all approach her, begging them not to hurt her, just when she thought it could not get worse, one of his men stands up on the slab of concrete and squats over her mouth, forcing his very wide cock down her throat, the shock and fear in her eyes was enough to make any man cum, he tries to bury his cock down her throat like the general did but his cock is to wide, so he forces her to suck the head of it and suck it hard, like she would a juicy piece of fruit while he keeps trying to get deeper. The soldier fucking her is finally getting ready to cum because he was ripping into her even faster now and the men were screaming “fuck her, make her bleed, hurt the fucking bitch” and he screams such a guttural and animal scream that with that one final thrust, he lifts her so high up off the slab that his cock slips out and she hits the slab hard coming down, he cums all over her tits and face, milking his cock till ever drop was all over her bruised body, he also then r

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Tsukihi araragi
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