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#158031 - Are you sure you want to go, Jeff asked Gail, I hear it gets pretty wild, and you're never really sure how far things are going to go!!! Gail took a sip of her soda, leaned back in her chair, and replied, Oh, come on, how wild could it be, it should be fun, I'm game if you are!!! Jeff stared down at the beautiful young attorney, while all the while thinking that it was only their second date and a night at an under ground sex club might not be exactly the right thing to do!!! Well, she said, is it yes or no!?! Uh, sure, Gail, he replied, yeah, we'll grab a pizza and after work and then, well, you know, we'll do it!!! Good, she replied, now get outa here, I've got a ton of work to do and if you're smart, she said wickedly, you'll get going on yours!!! Mmmm, good pizza, Gail offered while climbing into Jeff's new car, so, where is this place of wonder you're taking me to!?! It's down by the docks, he replied whil

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