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#121756 - Byron wondered why he even bothered!!! After eight months of faithfully working out three times a week, he still weighed only 135 pounds and had arms that resembled spaghetti!!! Okay, he said under his breath, let's see if we can do tonight!!! Lying on his back, he hoisted the barbell into the air in an attempt to bench press ninety pounds, and almost instantly he realized that he was in trouble after he brought the bar down to his chest!!! Desperately he tried to heft the iron off of his body, but the more he struggled, the weaker he seemed to become!!! The first rule about bench pressing is to always use a spotter, and at that very moment Byron was discovering the wisdom of that particular idiom!!! He tried screaming for help, but the air had been forced from his lungs, leaving him in the very precarious position that he may suffocate in a room full of people!!! As unconsciousness began to overtake him, the bar miraculously was wrenched off chest and blessed air filled his b

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Haruka koumi
I think i would have to go back for a second helping in a bed she can go
When it said magic i legit thought it meant like rabbit out of a hat magic stuff anyways i have school tomorrow and need to be getting to bed man and so do you guys so ya go do that
Maika sakuranomiya
I love fucking girls who scream like this most of the time i cum twice fucking them
Sophie balzac kirisaki
You need to change the batteries in your smoke alarm oh and great hentai
Very very sexy my angel you are awesome