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#6696 - Her sobbing stopped and she asked softly “And”? “And… and I think maybe… maybe you’re right, maybe we can make a go of it… but you have to give this time and if either of us says no more, then the other one has to go along with it… OK?” I could see Kris looking at me in the dark of the room, she stared for what felt like an hour but was probably just a few seconds. Kris relaxed at my touch and she softly sighed and said “That feels good Ben” so I continued to rub her back and shoulders, sitting up to get a better angle, my shorts tenting from my erection. “Breakfast” she asked? “More like lunch”.

Read Scissoring Kiss Me, Please. - Tsukihime Gay Studs Kiss Me, Please.

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Takeru aizawa
Wow your so gorgeous and lovely tits mm are love to suck them x
Many thanks and hot kisses