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#50632 - Then, the milkman comes in to the outer kitchen to fetch some milk when he hears the squeals of whore being hammered and investigates to find the boss’s wife sprawled on her kitchen table with the help’s cock inside her. The combined exhileration of having her breasts fondled so expertly while getting her pussy rammed drove her wild, the milker could see it in her eyes, the blacksmith could feel it as her cunt pulsed and began squeezing around his shaft as he pushed in and out of her, her breathing was growing sharper and her body trembled with delight as her pussy transmitted waves of lustful passion through her steaming hot body. Outside the blacksmith was still hard at work fixing the furnace the farmer’s wife had demanded be repaired that very day, it was taking him longer than he had anticipated and he was angered at having to work this late, especially since its always an early rise when working on a farm.

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Kotaro inugami
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Love the ending