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#29918 - But Stacy did miss sex, she had always enjoyed fucking even with guys she didn't particularly like, she still enjoyed the sex, sure now and then she would play with herself, and she had a couple of realistic dildos, but it just wasn't the same, she loved the heat and sweat and passion of sex and that is what she missed the most,the passion, sure she could of gone out and picked some guy up, but there was always her son to consider, he was young and developing, she would of hated it if he ever thought of her as becoming a slut, she loved her son dearly and valued his opinion of her above just about anything else. Suddenly Brian convulsed and spasmed and cried out, she felt it, his cum erupted spurt after spurt after spurt flooded her stomache, he ground into her as more and more waves of pleasure flowed over him he pulled her bikin top down and sucked one of her thick fleshy nipples into his mouth, the thick sticky cum coated them both and as his cock throbbed and pulsed her

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Fruit salad in my tummy how did everyone else that replied not know this
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