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#317130 - come one come all, the 10th annual county fair's barnyard pig pageant will begin soon came the voice over the loud speaker as Jessica and her father prepared there pig for the contest, there wasn’t much time to wash there sow for the judging. Jessica a short busty, 18 year old blonde, with flowing hair and blue eye's was attending the county fair, her father Steve entered their family farm's best pig, their farm having won the last 4 county pig pageant’s they felt their sow would prevail. Jessica bowed her head sorry daddy I just wanted to see the fair The judging was set to begin, without a pig to enter he began to pack up what little the fire hadn’t consumed as the judge approved Hiya Steve, sorry this had to happen, look's like someone don't want you to enter this year he said as Steve looked on toward the rest of the lined up pig's by the judge's stand.

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