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#181268 - I turned to him and was about to ask when he cut me short and told me “You’re gonna love this , don’t worry , it’s a part of you’re training , let’s have you ready for the party later”. Once in the bed , Raul worked on my boobs, sucking and fondling until he arrived between my legs and eat my pussy , I twist and moan , he positioned us in a 69 and we did that for a about 20 minutes , I was on the bottom so I did get to manage the full length inside my mouth , he know how to work his tongue as I swallow his cock deeper, pushing in and pulling out my tight lips on his shaft. I could hear groans and moans , slurping sounds , Aaron unzipped his pants and told me to go down on it.

Read Mulata Kusatsu Terunyo Homestay Ch. 6 Raw Toy Kusatsu Terunyo Homestay Ch. 6 Raw

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