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#96473 - Logan would sometimes see my cum on her mom and she would just smile and tell me” I see you had a good time. I asked her if she was ok with what she had seen and she said she’s was good with it, I asked her what she thought about what she had seen, she said” I was fine with seeing you two fucking” I looked at Vicky and she said I am ok with her saying that when it’s just us, I loooked back at Logan and asked so how do you feel about it, she said” it made me feel kinda funny down near my pussy” I looked back at Vicky and she said” she heard me say it so as long as it’s just us I am ok with anything she says. I called around and found us a cabin up on a mountain away from any other cabins and it’s had a hot tub outside on the porch overlooking a valley.

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