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#25243 - ’ ‘Ahh fair enough, so what are we going to do?’ ‘Well, she asked me whether you were better than Sean’ ‘and. Amy had stood up and was standing over us, her eyes seemed to be fixated on Ashlie’s 28B tits bouncing up and down, ‘Amy, you’re missing out’ I smiled, she smiled back and knelt above my face, I licked my lips and Ashlie, coming down from her orgasm grinned at me when Amy lowered herself onto my face, her sweet scent enveloped me and I rubbed my nose against her clit, I then shoved my tongue into her opening and licked in as far as I could reach, Amy moaned and rubbed her clit up and down on my nose, I felt her juices flow faster and roll into my mouth, she moaned again but it was strangely muffled, I glimpsed around her foreleg and saw that Ashlie was still bouncing on my cock, but that she was making out with Amy furiously while she did so, at Amy’s orgasm, Ashlie leaned back, broke the kiss between the two girls and increased her bouncing, she moaned, long and low as she ca

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