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#277989 - Anyways, after we fought that one time, she sat him in her car, and came up to me and apologized for all that the shit he starts and she to my amazement said she never had a problem with us punks and said she wanted to hangout sometime, i stood there stunned and said “ok”. I told her ill be there in about 10 minutes and i hung up, i drover over there thinking, “ i wonder if all the fighting could stop with me and her chilling would show people that we really shouldn't be enemies” i took that out of my head and realized only some would stop but there would always be conflict. When me and hre boy would be in shuffle, she had this thing for staring at me, and literally laughing whenever her man was getting fucked up, i never really thought much about it until one day after me and her boy, fought see, he had this thing against me because i worked with the local crew of S.

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Yo whats her name
Haha maybe at the end of this month
Absolutely mindblowing you are the queen of handjobs
I hope the hot sex warmed up on that frosty day because the hentai is very hot