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#419163 - Oh, mama, I can't believe this day has finally arrived, gushed Pamela Sherman, can you believe it, Steve and I are getting married!!! Victoria Sherman held her daughter at arms length, and at the same time marveled at how happy and excited her daughter was, on this the day of her wedding!!! Yes, dear, her mother replied, it is very exciting, and I hope that you and Steven will be very happy together!!! The two women were packing Pamela's wardrobe for her honey moon to the Bahamas, so they were including extra bathing suits, shorts and tee shirts for the warm weather they were sure to encounter there! What about lingerie, Pamela asked, do you think I should take anything special?!? Well, dear, her mother answered, it never hurts to have a few exciting unmentionables along, but with your body, I'm sure that a skimpy bra and panties set would do just fine, like these, why don't you try them on and I'll tell you what I think?!? I bought these about

Read Hoe Shinkon Patchouli wa Manzoku Dekinai - Touhou project Indonesian Shinkon Patchouli wa Manzoku Dekinai

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