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#316554 - What will James do next on his school ? Will he go for his long life crush Lisa ?will he go for his classmates or will he go for the cheerleaders !? Let me know !. Laurien come here I want to ask you something he said as he waved her over to him with a smile laurien rushed over to him and got on her knees infront of him what do you want from me master ? she asks as she looks up to him with a naughty smile I want you to tell me what you don't like of your body he said to her as he waits for the answer he stands up infront of her she hesitate a bit but finally answers it would be nice if I had longer legs I was always jealous of my friends for their legs why do you ask that master ? She asks looking up at him confused He looks down and smiles stand up I want to try something he says as she stands up looking down he looks at her and commands the rings to grow her legs after a few seconds her legs grow making her a bit higher there you go do you like them ? he asks as she hu

Read Amazing Elisa-sama Goyoujin!! Insertion Elisa-sama Goyoujin!!

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This was amazing the countdown was intense
Elena peoples
The ahegao is a man