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#356579 - Ben and Tom had backed to the door, Jonathan, release it all, it's time! Ben shouted. Jonathan tried to hold back his power, damn it! The fucking Crystal was more active than it should be what the hell was going on? If he lost control in here a lot of good people were going to die, though they were mostly old damn fools! Walking to the questioning box he felt the power dampening field they had set up, Ha! What a joke they were all dead! Jonathan shook his head, this was bad a personality was starting to emerge from the crystal, shit it was strong! With clenched teeth Jonathan warned the council to clear the building, alarmed they stared at Jonathon seeing the sweat start to collect on his fore head. As I said, I have harnessed the power of the wild magic, this is your last chance I will not let a single Mage or vampire leave here alive.

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