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#165926 - As Melissa gets in position laurien smiles happy to lick her she got to work with her tongue enjoying the taste of Melissa you see Lisa ? I got a daily income and that amount will only grow from now on what do you think ? Do you want to bath in luxury?  James asks her as she looks around at the slaves y-yeah I think I can get used to this she says and looks in James eyes how do we start ? she asks as James laughs easy you are my wife you don't need those clothes he says as she smiles and strips for him while James watched her he was realizing that he didn't have to change her mind completely a part of her wanted to be his wife and mistress of slaves all done she says as James looks at her body she was perfect a tight round ass  shaven pussy,  long brown hair that came to her back , tits that he could play with for years and eyes that made his heart melt you look perfect Lisa what do you want first ? A tour of the house ? Kiss your new husband ? Watch

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Lanas mom
Fuuuuuuck i wish there was a round 2
Prinz eugen
You are so hot