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#183815 - Rising up Susan offered Anna her nipples letting Anna suck and bite them as she had Anna’s, Susan finally started orgasming as Anna worked on her nipples and pussy fingering her and rubbing Susan’s clit with her thumb. Susan then told Anna that Mike had said he would love to meet them both if they were willing and treat them to a shopping trip as a thank you. Susan told her to strip down to her underwear too if she wanted and carry on with her story, as Anna told her more she saw that Susan was slowly stroking her pussy through her panties, watching her friend more as she spoke Anna realised her Pussy was getting wetter and wetter, unable to stop herself Anna started touching herself as she talked not caring that Susan was there or watching too.

Read Clit Hitozuma Furin Numa Ch. 1-4 Female Domination Hitozuma Furin Numa Ch. 1-4

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