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#81334 - Neither boy noticed the car pull up behind them or hear the footsteps… or saw the shadows outside the car… until that is when Alex came! White spunk shot up into Bretts mouth while the audience from outside the car watched… at the same time Brett shot his load all over the window and steering wheel… it was at that moment that they noticed… they were being watched…. Brett pondered the thought of this going further as well as wondering why his cock had gotten harder when he thought of Alex… Brett answered Alex’s question by unbuttoning his pants and rubbing his growing erection through his boxers which were gripping it tightly. the boy who he has once thought of as his brother was now forcing his head down into his crotch, which he had to admit smelled amazing… all he could do was suck it like he knew Alex wanted… hell it’s what HE wanted! Alex finally had Bretts hot little mouth on his cock and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer, but god how he wished it would last forever… the opp

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