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#27252 - She had gotten so uncontrollably wet as her mind raced, she had to unbutton the coat and move it up and out of the way, and had worked the tight fitting dress up to her waist so that they would not get wet and soiled!. She can't see as her face is now covered with cum it is in her hair and is running down her chest and dripping off her breasts and nipples ! She is so full of cum she can swallow no more, and is burping up mouthful's of cum choking as she is trying to catch her breath! Occasionally through the cum in her eyes she sees a flash! She is jerked up on to her feet and is lead down the alley under the only light by her hair! Her head hurts from her hair being pulled the red heels barely touch the pavement ! Her hands are still tied tightly behind her back her wrists are sore and raw, she is covered with cum Her head is forced down and back as she is bent over. He of course had no intention of doing anything like that to such a wonderful piece of female flesh.

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Mafuyu kirisu
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Momoko koigakubo
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