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#153288 -   Almost stumbling i quickly get drawn back to ‘reality’.   We quickly move over to her rump, chucking our clothes as we take the few steps, no need for them now is there, Paul whispers as he gives me a quick kiss.   Oh My Gawd i horsely whisper i have never felt anything like that!  His hands start to move and roam up and down my body, pressing him self close to my back, he bites my neck firmly but still gently, make low grunting sounds, just like a stallion courting a mare.

Read Threeway [Hoyoyodou] Otou-san! Musuko no Yome (45-sai) ni Hatsujou Shicha Damedesu yo! Anal Fuck Otou-san! Musuko no Yomeni Hatsujou Shicha Damedesu yo!