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#153266 - I did go to the funeral though no-one other than her two girlfriends knew who I was, I said how sorry I was to her mother and father at their loss whilst trying not to show my own loss, the strange thing was as I passed them by I got a whiff of the Cacharel after shave that her father was wearing, and the tears welled up in my eyes. Jenny was gone. For the first week or so that she was back at university she called several times a day to remind me to be faithful and to tell me how happy she was and how much she missed me, then one day she didn’t call so I tried to call her but got no reply just her voice mail, the next few days it were just the same, still no contact, then I saw our local paper that had the story on the front page telling of the vehicle accident that had taken the life of a prominent businessman’s only daughter, she had apparently been coming home at night to surprise someone, when her car was hit by a lorry that had crossed the central reservation she had died

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