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#95192 - Damned she got a cute sweet looking pussy to so I get in my knees and lick her pussy with my thong and she giggles (that tickles Billy she says) so I say how does this feel then I spread her legs further and put my entire mouth over her pussy and start licking, sucking and sliding my toung in and out of her pussy as she squeals and bounces on the bed then I stick my middle finger in my mouth and slide it in her pussy while she’s watching she sighs and says that feels good but what else are you wanting to stick in their dad has something in his pants the he puts in mommy? So I think I have one thing left to show her and I stand up open my pants and pull them off, well I’m hard now and she just stairs and go’s wow will the all fit in me Billy how big is it. and tonight I took my 8 year old baby sister Suzie Q to the drive in movies with me I had a baby sitter for her and first the sitter copped out being sick and then my date coped out that she had a head ach damned I just couldn’t get

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