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#241005 - You: i look you in the eyes as i slowly slide myself deep inside of you You: and begin to gently lick your face Stranger: I open my mouth slightly for you as I kiss your muzzle and tongue, submitting and becoming completely yours, I hug my legs tighter to you, and run my fingers through the fur by your ears admiring your strength as you slowly slide into me again. You: i lick you furiously as i taste your pussy juices begin to flow You: licking both pussy and asshole Stranger: Your hot tongue forces me to come dangerously close to orgasm, and I clench my legs together, squeezing your face between my knees, moaning again You: your scent drives me wild, i dig into you with my toungue almost literally eating you Stranger: I feel your teeth against my skin as your tongue trashes in and out of me, scooping me dry with your wet tongue, I orgasm immediatly feeling your teeth and deep penetrating tongue and groan wildly, falling limp on the ground at your

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