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#388085 - However what I did not know at the time was that my sister had been listening the entire time with her ear pressed against my door,. Well I watched her, and I was playing with myself I got a crazy idea to pretend I forgot my towel so when I walked to the closet by her door to get one shed see, but you know as well as I do what happened instead Honestly, I had to masturbate after that because when you touched it I almost came but instead it just got hard enough it hurt Hunny, Im your mother, and you can talk to me about stuff like this no matter what I didnt mean to get so mad but I dont want you doing stuff like that in front of your sister I noticed you grew nice and big when youve left your door cracked open I didnt want to say anything unless you told me about it first As far as what you felt when I accidentally touched you before, thats perfectly normal, sons grow up with their mother being the only person that touches their penis, its natural to still

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