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#344734 - As she used up the last of her strength she lay there pathetically, her head to the side in the dust of the building this was when josh noticed the single tear rolling down her check, Brad was going to a penny chainsawing in and out of the girl a small smear of blood had developed on his penis “she’s a fucking virgin” said Brad “well not anymore” he chuckled at his own joke, Josh was less impressed. “there’s one” Brad whispered as he subtly pointed to a women walking alone, “see were she goes” Josh replied softly as the women turned a corner into a dust filled alleyway josh and brad looked at each other they knew that this was there best shot trying to look as inconspicuous as possible the pair quickened their pace and crossed the street and rounded the alleyway corner. Josh’s admiration of the girls beauty was halted by Brad drawing his knife and running it down her robes, splitting it in half and with one sharp pull her young body was revealed her breasts were perky and rounded abo

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