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#289660 - “Here you go Mike enjoy” “Thanks Mom” “So tell me Mike what are you up to these days” “Well I just started classes” “What are you studying?” “I am going to massage school” “Really sounds like fun” “Well I guess it can be, but I have no one to practice what I am learning” “Don’t you have a nice girlfriend you can practice with?” “No I am single right now Mom” “Hmm I have an idea, it’s been a long time since I had a massage but how you practice on me” Oh my god, everything I had hoped for was coming true: “okay that would give me the practice I need, when should we start” “How about right now Mike, I have nothing to do” By now you must be wondering where Mr. C. She begged “Oh son don’t stop now” I took of my shirt, pull down my shorts and took of my boxers revealing my hard 8 inch cock, she looked at me with wild eyes and watched me get on the table and I took at hold of my cock and aimed it at her pussy, I put it right on her pussy lips and teased her with my head.

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