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#150882 - Rod knocked on the front door of the large split level suburban home, and after several moments the door swung open and a fortyish blonde woman ushered him inside and asked, “I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding us, we’re kinda out in the boonies!!!” “No problem,” Rod answered while giving the place a quick once over and removing his coat, “you’re directions were perfect!!!” As she led him down a long hall to a door that led to the basement she said softly, “I want you to really give it to him hard, show him what it’s like to get fucked by a huge cock, okay!?!” “That’s what I’m here for,” he replied as they entered a well appointed rec room, “that’s what I’m here for!!!” Sitting over at the bar on a stool was the blonde’s husband who by this time was slugging down his third Scotch and water, and after nodding his head to acknowledge Rod’s presence, poured himself another drink and asked Rod if he’s like one too!!! “Bourbon, on the rocks,” Rod replied while taking the other man’s

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Kurisu makise
Looking fantastic very hot hentai
She is enjoying
Ryou machiko
Thanks hopefully those squats are paying off
All that assssss she needs to do anal man shit probaby wouldnt last 5 minutes she is bad